A lodge history goes way beyond the day that it was founded. It builds upon masonry within its local area, or province, and involves many brethren that sadly are no longer with us. Researching and documenting any lodge history is indeed a mammoth task and it is thanks to the efforts of W. Bro. Roy Sydney that the history of The Royal Sovereign Light Lodge No. 6630 is so well documented. Roy is currently working towards adding the most recent history as the Lodge heads towards its 75th anniversary.



Letters start to suggest a third lodge in Bexhill would be well supported. However the prospect of conflict in Europe called a halt to further steps being taken.



The standing committee of the Hadrian Lodge requested the forms and instructions for forming a new lodge. Following consultation permission was granted in November 1947.


Twenty-four brethren put their names forward as founders and they held their first planning meeting. They decided on the meeting days, the name of the new lodge, the ritual, the Officers Elect and the fact that the Lodge would be a dining lodge.



The Royal Sovereign Light Lodge No. 6630 was consecrated at the Wilton Road Temple, Bexhill-on-Sea. In the early months the by-laws were drawn up and adopted in September 1948. The annual subscription was then two guineas.


As the Lodge moved into the new era of the 1950’s, candidates for initiation and joining members continued to be welcomed into the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge and steadily the membership grew.



Following consultation with Trinity House the newly designed banner was dedicated having cost the lodge £70-5s-6d.


A link was established with the crew of the Royal Sovereign Light Vessel.



The lodge sought to hold a Lodge of Instruction working under the Lodge Warrant and designated the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge of Instruction, No.6630. Permission was granted by the Province.

The Founders



The Standing Committee of the lodge applied for a petition to form a Chapter working under the warrant of the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge No. 6630 and meeting on a Saturday and on the 24th.of March 1962 the Royal Sovereign Light Chapter was consecrated.



November 1967 saw a change made to the regular meetings of the Lodge. Following full discussion by the brethren it was proposed that the regular meetings of the lodge shall be in the months of October, November, January, February, March and April.



One of the very last ensigns to be carried by the Royal Sovereign Light Vessel was presented to the Lodge. This graces our Festive Board at every meeting. The light vessel was replaced in 1971 by the Royal Sovereign Light Tower.



The first Christmas Evening was held with an attendance in excess of 90 and was followed by a Pie and Pea Supper at the home of the Worshipful Master.



Thanks to the brethren and their families’ support at events organised, as well as individual cash donations, a new banner was purchased at a cost of £1200 to replace the original which by now was in a state of disrepair. A dedication ceremony took place.

The ensign from the Royal Sovereign light-vessel



A 50th anniversary dinner took place following much fundraising. A small book was written and other events were planned to share the history of the lodge to date with members. A visual and musical presentation was written and together with the acting support of the brethren this was presented to a packed Masonic Centre including the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.



Royal Sovereign Light Lodge No. 6630 went into the new era with a healthy membership of 80. A small working party carried out work, after some guidance, to refurbish the chairs in the meeting place and saved over £1000 into the bargain.

Fun and games


In 2001 authorization was granted for the first website of the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge.


Members ‘hit the road’ and visited seven other lodges nationally that also had nautical connections.



It was agreed that the three lodges in Bexhill should join forces and work together to present an open-day with display at the Masonic Centre, Wilton Road as part of the ‘Freemasonry in the Community’ initiative.

Christmas choir


The R.M.B.I. 2004 Festival was supported by the Lodge which raised almost £32,000 though a wide variety of enjoyable events


Worshipful Brother Roy Sydney, the first ‘home grown’ Grand Officer in the lodge’s 60- year history was appointed as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.


2007 saw Province launch an initiative called ‘Sussex4Sussex’ which gave Sussex Masons an opportunity to support Sussex non-Masonic charities and other good causes. It was clearly welcomed by our brethren who gave it great support. The Bexhill Hospital received £6,500 towards the cost of a Dyonics machine and £5,500 went to the Maritime Volunteer Service. A matched funding initiative meant Eastbourne Lifeboat received a total of £500, Little Common Scout Group £300 and the Hellingly Guide Group £500.

2010 onwards…

During the ‘teen’ years the Lodge focussed on fundraising towards the appeal launched by the Province of Sussex. The 2017 Festival, which allocated monies raised to the Masonic Grand Charity, amassed a grand total of £3,617,437. Royal Sovereign Light Lodge was proud to have exceeded the individual target set for them by raising £36,842 towards the final sum by organising a wide variety of events for members, families and friends.

We are confident that it is the wish of all our brethren, from the youngest member, to the most senior officer, that the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge continues to promote the high ideals of freemasonry in the same manner for the next 50 years as it has done in its early years.

It is clear from our records that our members have come from diverse occupational, social and geographical backgrounds and it is through their individual contributions, both great and small, that the Masonic wealth of the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge has so much to offer the new member.

We will continue to welcome new members and joining members from other lodges, to this intricate tapestry and look forward with confidence, and above all enthusiasm, to enjoying many more happy afternoons at our meetings and enjoyable evenings at the Festive Board.


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